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For websites, content is king. The headlines, text, images, calls-to-action, and links that populate your website will determine most of its performance. It will determine how people (and search engines) will find your website, how they will ‘navigate’ through it, and in what ways they will (or won’t) act when they are visiting .

So, it’s vital, that you get the content right.

Many businesses fail to do this. Their website has a nice design, but the design is populated with “fluff” for content. No protein. Alternatively, if they have good content to begin with, they may make the mistake of not keeping it ‘fresh’ and up-to-date.

Another mistake many businesses make is to not use the full breadth of content available to them. Pictures, PDFs, videos, tables of information, quotations from past clients, and other related information is all useful to help stimulate and educate a visitor to your website.

For most websites, the truth is that the content of your website will take more work to create than the design or technology behind it. So be prepared.